Atlanta, Georgia, and Barcelona, Spain, March 29, 2021 – In celebration of Women’s History Month, Radyus Research has added renowned oncology researcher and entrepreneur Dr. Laura Soucek to its scientific advisory board.

Dr. Soucek is an ICREA research professor at the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) and associate professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Barcelona, Spain. She specializes in cancer research and has pioneered studies on combating the Myc oncoprotein found in many human cancers.

Beyond the academic world, Dr. Soucek in 2014 co-founded Peptomyc S.L., a VHIO spin-off that focuses on developing Myc inhibitors for cancer treatment. Dr. Soucek’s prominence in the Myc field dates back to her undergraduate days, when she designed a Myc inhibitor known as Omomyc.  Myc was one of the first described oncogenes and, while it is important in virtually every human cancer, it hasn’t yet been successfully targeted. Peptomyc is making important strides towards achieving that goal, with the recent initiation of a Phase I/II trial testing OMO-103.

“I am honored to join Radyus’ scientific advisory board,” Dr. Soucek said. “During a month in which women are receiving well-deserved recognition for their contributions to society, I reflect on all of the female trailblazers who came before me and am excited to carry on their legacy in this new role.” 

Dr. Soucek’s research at VHIO has been recognized through several national research awards and grants, including Spain’s Miguel Servet Program that promotes scientific research, and the European Research Council’s Consolidator grant that helps early-stage researchers form their own research team and program. She has also been published in top scientific journals, including Nature, Nature Medicine, Genes & Development and Nature Communications.

Dr. Soucek received her undergraduate degree in biological sciences and PhD in genetics and molecular biology at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. She completed postdoctoral research at the University of California, San Francisco’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, where she was later promoted to assistant researcher in the university’s pathology department.

Also on Radyus’ scientific advisory board is Dr. Mark Shlomchik, the UPMC Endowed Professor and Chair of the Department of Immunology at the University of Pittsburgh and co-founder/chief scientific officer at BlueSphere Bio that develops personalized T-cell therapy to treat cancer and other diseases, as well as Dr. Richard B. Silverman, the Patrick G. Ryan/ Aon Professor in the departments of chemistry, molecular biosciences, and pharmacology at Northwestern University, and the inventor of Pfizer’s blockbuster Lyrica drug. Another board member is Dr. Dennis Liotta, who serves as the Executive Director of the Emory Institute for Drug Development and Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Emory University. Dr. Liotta co-founded Pharmasset, which was acquired by biopharmaceutical giant Gilead in 2012 for $11.2 billion and developed many antiviral drugs for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C that are now successfully marketed.


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Author: Anna Akins, tech reporter at S&P Global

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